Meet The Team

Get to know the MetSkill Team.
We’re introducing  you to the amazing team and the roles that they play in ensuring that the best quality Process Industry Skills Development is delivered.

Meet Rebecca!
Our strong, determined and fearless Managing Director. Rebecca started MetSkill 14 years ago and has never looked back. With an amazing team at her side and a passion for metallurgy and development, there is no stopping her!

Meet Masego!
She is a true example of how far hard work and dedication can get you.
We are so proud of her and her journey with MetSkill.

Meet Fred!
Also known as, UncleDips. We count ourselves lucky to have this dynamic, intelligent, hard working man on our team.

Meet Lindiwe!
She plays a vital role behind the scenes. With her many years of experience in the administration department and does an excellent job of making sure that all processes run smoothly.

Meet Sam!
If you’ve had the pleasure of being a learner on one of his training’s then you will know how much value he brings to our team.
We appreciate him and all of the work he puts into making sure that he always delivers at his best!

Meet Belinda!

She is one of the incredible women we have behind the scenes, getting things done and making sure that everything at the office runs smoothly so that we can focus on what’s most important our training!