MetSkill Giving Back in 2019

The value of Social Responsibility is held highly by the MetSkill Team. Here are some of our current projects aimed at giving back and uplifting the community around us – we will keep our followers up to date on our progress and achievements as the year progresses, so keep an eye on our social media platforms to see how we are making a difference.

In August, 2018 MetSkill entered a team in the Everest Challenge at the Westcliff Stairs for the Sunflower Fund. The team completed170 repitions which equaled an altitude gain of  8850 meters the equivalent of climbing Mount. Everest! All funds raised by this initiative are used by the Sunflower Fund in their tireless work to fight blood diseases like leukaemia through the recruitment of stem cell donors and maintaining a registry of potential donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant.












You can see the MetSkill team taking part in this challenge again this year on Saturday 24th August at the Westcliff stairs.  We have already started to train for the big day!










Another one of our initiatives which was launched this year is closer to home and to the hearts of our employees. The MetSkill team is made up of talented, dedicated and hardworking individuals, who make what we do, so well, possible. To show our appreciation for what the team achieves in a way that makes sense to us as a skills development company, we formed the MetSkill Educational trust.

This trust gives our employees the opportunity to apply for a monthly stipend to assist in their Children’s vital Education needs.  The gratitude from the team has been humbling and we are looking forward to seeing our bright young stars results as they progress on their educational journeys.

Sam, one of Facilitators, has a daughter Ntobang (pictured below) who is studying Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg. This is one of the examples of how the MetSkill stipend is helping realise our employee’s children’s dreams.












2019 will be no different to any other year, we will be ensuring that we dedicate ourselves to upliftment, not only in the classroom, but to worthy causes that really impact the lives of people who have had no choice in the situations they find themselves in.