Reputation Matters!

Earlier this year MetSkill ran a reputation survey which measured what our external and internal stakeholders think of us.
We are very proud to announce that we received 87% for our overall Reputation Rating.
A thank you to our clients, our amazing MetSkill team, our learners and our own service providers for your responses.

A company called Reputation Matters managed the process and we were issued a certificate after we received the results.









Now for the results!

This is the overview of the results, the core values that were measured and the overview of the respondents that completed the survey.










Reputation Matters has a unique reputation research tool the Repudometer®. This looks at dimensions that impact on your reputation, such as leadership, employees, partners, value offering and communication.

This is our Repudometer® reading and the matrix which gives detail of the rating which we received.










What are we getting right?
This is so important to us, to ensure that our values and core business align with the service which we provide to our clients.
These results were incredible to see, and are by all means , what we strive for.
We will not only maintain but aim to increase these numbers across all areas measured.










We are so proud of these results. This is why we do what we do.