Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

  • Picture1Plant operators can virtually “walk through” a simulated environment with the ability to interact with equipment and other operators.
  • In 3D, an operator can make decisions, take actions and understand their consequences in a safe virtual environment.

Advantages – VROOM

  • A low-cost alternative to creating full-scale, real-life training scenarios.
  • Systems can be designed to be multilingual, and trainees can be taught in their mother tongue.
  • Flexible configuration, open to ongoing modification and customization.
  • It offers an opportunity to create a wide variety of scenarios, including ones rarely or never previously encountered in real life.
  • It exposes users to simulated situations that would be dangerous to encounter in real life.
  • This virtual “time on task” experience helps reinforce the learning that took place during the conventional classroom instruction.
  • The learner interacts with VROOM in a non threatening environment.
  • Learner’s records are stored in an extensive database, making portfolios of evidence easy to assimilate.
  • Learner performance problem areas are easily identifiable.
  • 2009, paper “Virtual Reality Training Applications for the Mining Industry” Etienne van Wyk, Tshwane University of Technology Ruth de Villiers, University of South Africa,

Where does VROOM fit into my operators’ skills development programme?

  • Classroom introduction – guidelines and background theory
  • Picture4Traditional knowledge concepts
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality factors
  • On-the-job practical training
  • Application of Safe Working Practices and procedures
  • Practising operating procedures
  • Picture5Scenario testing
  • Start up and Shut down of production equipment
  • On the job practical assessment
  • Readiness for assessment quantified
  • Performance evidence captured

What is VROOM?

  • VROOM is a Virtual Reality Operator Optimisation Management system designed to develop your plant operators on-the- job skills to the highest level possible.
  • Virtual Reality training modules using 3D images scanned from your plant, create a non threatening, safe environment for the operator to perfect responses to process problems aligned to your safe working procedures.
  • Picture6VROOM has been developed to fill the gap between classroom training and practical skills application. The learner can experience what consequences his actions will have in any scenario without disturbing the actual production process. Safety procedures are easily embedded into the module along with cognitive skills development.